Why does my cat drink lots?

why does my cat drink lots
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If you have noticed that your cat has started drinking more water than usual and is urinating more as a result, you must be very observant.  These changes in your cat’s thirst are almost always a sign that something isn’t quite right.  In this article we’ll outline the causes which can explain their sudden and excessive thirst. 

The less serious reasons 

If your cat starts to suddenly drink lots of water in an excessive fashion, there are several non life-threatening reasons which can explain such a behaviour.  For example, it can simply be caused by a change in diet.  For example if your cat has changed from a tinned diet to dried food or if their new dried food has a higher salt content.  Your cat can also start drinking more water if you have given them a new medicine. 

Periods of really hot temperatures as well as intense physical exercise can also make your cat drink more so that it doesn’t become too dehydrated.  The same can be said for periods of stress.  In this situation, if you notice that your cat is particularly thirsty after a specific event like those mentioned above then there is no need to worry. 

If your cat likes to drink directly out of the kitchen tap you’d be best to try and train your cat to use their water bowl or you can invest in a cat water fountain.

The more serious reasons 

However an increased thirst is often the first symptom of some illnesses which vary in severity.  In these instances, your cat likes to drink lots all the time not only at a given time.  If this is the case for your cat then you should organise a visit to the vet straightaway so as to quickly prevent the illness from developing.

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Some of the illnesses which cause this reaction are diabetes, kidney failure, hyperthyroid or even illnesses linked to the liver.  However a fever or an infection, such as a bladder infection, can also cause a cat to become very thirsty.

If your cat is already old, then an sudden excessive thirst could easily be linked to a chronic kidney failure.  This illness is the second most common cause of death for cats.  Older cats are also often affected by diabetes, which often affects overweight cats.

My cat drinks a lot because it is ill. What can you do to help?

If your vet has diagnosed your cat as having one of the above mentioned illness, they will have probably prescribed an adapted treatment.

However if your cat has diabetes or kidney failure, a change in diet is the only treatment that is able to slow down the development of this illness. 

If your cat is diabetic, they should follow a diet that is rich in protein but low in carbohydrates. If your cat has kidney failure, then they should eat foods that are low in protein and in phosphorus. In both these, asking a cat food specialist would be the most sensible idea.

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