This man only adopts old dogs, to give them a happy life in their old age

Animal-mad and deeply affected by the death of his dog, Steve Greig went to an animal shelter to adopt a dog that nobody else might want to adopt because of their age. This was just the start of the story, and Steve became the owner of not one but TEN old dogs!

Steve Greig was devastated by the death of his dog. The passage of time did nothing to heal the pain, and he decided to adopt a new dog to fill the void that his old dog had left. He went to a dog shelter, because he wanted to offer a good life to a dog that really needed it. His goal was to take a dog less likely to be adopted because of old age, as a true act of kindness and charity. The oldest dogs are often left behind for younger dogs, who are likely to live longer.

Steve now has 10 old dogs in his home, who were all adopted from shelters, to give them a happy life in their old age. His house became a retirement home for old abandoned dogs, where they can end their days peacefully. He also has a pig named Bikini, a rabbit, two ducks, pigeons, cats and a few chickens.

Steve’s days are very busy. He has to get up at 5 in the morning to prepare breakfast for all his animals, particularly the dogs who, because they are old, have very specific dietary and health needs. Between walks, visits to the vet, playing and cuddling, Steve doesn’t have the time to be bored! You can find out more about his daily life on his Instagram account, on which he publishes some truly adorable photos.