The top 10 most intelligent animals in the world

intelligent animals
Credit: Radio Okapi/Flickr

Contrary to what some people still believe, all animals have their own type of intelligence.  Some are even more intelligent than what we could ever imagine!  Read on to discover more about the most intelligent animals in the world!  

1. Chimpanzee

Chimpanzees are considered as the most intelligent of all primates.  Their intelligence is the most similar form to human intelligence.  As a result this animal is able to use tools and differentiate between objects as well as understand the origin of a noise.

Credits : Radio Okapi/Flickr

2. Pig

Yes, pigs are particularly intelligent animals.  They could even be considered more intelligent than dogs.  This is because pigs are gifted with amazing adaptability and can learn new things very quickly.  A pig supposedly has the intelligence and memory of a three year old child.

Credits : Lilla Frerichs/PublicDomainPictures

3. Dolphin

A dolphin’s brain is apparently the most developed of all animals.  Not only do dolphins have a particularly advanced way of communicating but they are one of the rare animals that can recognise themselves when they look in a mirror.

Credits: iStock

4. Parrot

We often think that parrots only stupidly repeat words uttered by humans.  However, in truth, this animal has a rare intelligence capacity.  It has an amazing memory and is able to solve very complicated problems.

Credits : congerdesign/Pixnio

5. Whale

Whales, especially the blue whales, are the biggest animals in the word.  However even more than their particularly impressive size, blue whales are able to produce sounds with a great complexity so as to communicate with compatriots as well as to resolves all sorts of problems.

Credits : iStock

6. Dog

There is no surprise that dogs feature on the list of the world’s most intelligent animals.  Dogs have an astonishing capacity to learn which can be quite disconcerting.  What is more dogs have a very particular emotional sensitivity which allow them to recognise the slightest change in a human’s mood.  As a result dogs can be feel empathy towards a human that is sad or stressed.

Credits : iStock

7. Octopus 

An octopus is an exception in the animal world with it’s brain nerves, three hearts and eight arms.  It can not only change form and colour to help camouflage itself but it also has the ability to regenerate limbs.  Isn’t that impressive?

Credits : Albert Kok/Wikimedia Commons

8. Elephant

Elephants are known as being the most sensitive and most mysterious animal on the planet.  As well as being able to interact with their compatriots in an incredibly complex fashion, they seem to understand everything that happens around them.  Many elephants now move around at night so they can avoid poachers.

Credits : Mister-E/Wikipédia

9. Squirrels 

Despite their small size, squirrels have an extraordinary intelligence and memory.  They have many abilities especially when it comes to research and food concealment.

Credits: Jean-Jacques Boujot/Flickr

10. Cat

Cats are fascinating animals which have particularly developed senses.  They can fend for themselves. Cats are one of the only domestic animals that would be able to live autonomously if they became separated from their owner!

Credits: iStock


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