The top 10 cutest dog breeds in the world

cutest dog breeds
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This list of the cutest dogs in the world might seem strange to some.  However just like people, everyone can have their own perspective of what makes a dog cute or attractive. Nevertheless there are some dogs that are just too cute that we are almost all unanimous.  What often corresponds to cute… little!  

1. Dwarf Spitz 

This is without a doubt the cutest dog in the world.  This is because it looks exactly like a little teddy bear.  However it doesn’t necessarily have the temperament to match.  Although the Dwarf Spitz, also known as a Pomeranian,may be very affectionate,  it also has a strong or domineering character.  Therefore it needs to be trained properly to socialise with other dogs and children from a young age so it doesn’t become aggressive when growing up.

loulou de poméranie chien spitz nain
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2. Alaskan Klee Ka

Dogs that look like puppies all their life are currently all the rage.  This is the case of the Alaskan Klee Kai as it is a dog breed that identically resembles a Husky but… in miniature!  Accidentally created in the 1970 s after crossing a Husky and a small sized dog, this dog has the same characteristics as a Husky.  Therefore the Alaskan Klee Kai is intelligent, very active, dominant and has a particularly developed instinct for hunting.

chien alaskan klee kai
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3. Pomsky

This breed of dog is the result of a cross between a Dwarf Spitz and a Siberian Husky.  The Pomsky is a tiny dog that looks like a teddy bear.  It is a very energetic and sweet-natured and knows how to create a good atmosphere in the household.  However it does have a strong predator instinct which comes from it’s Husky side which needs to be addressed from a young age.

chiot pomsky
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4. Papillon or Continental Toy/Dwarf Spaniel 

The Continental toy spaniel is a very elegant small dog which has unusually big ears that makes it particularly cute.  If the ears are straight the dog is a “papillon” type whereas if the ears droop it is a “phalène” type of dog.  This dog is the ideal companion as they are very affectionate, soft and reserved.

chien épagneul nain continental papillon
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5. Maltese 

Maltese dogs are particularly cute with their white fur and their impression of being a kind, old dog.  Always in good spirits, this breed of dog has a very expressive face which shows just how much it can understand human emotions. This dog is incredibly understanding and knows how to react depending on it’s owners mood.  What is more, it is a very brave dog that would not hesitate to ward off a Rottweiller if it felt a human was being threatened.

chien bichon maltais
Credits : Ann/Wikipédia

6. Welsh Corgi

Welsh Corgis are particularly attractive as they have a happy temperament, a short-legged appearance and a tail that looks like a pompom. Originally used as a herding dog, the Welsh Corgi is now a very strong, sociable and obedient pet. However it can still mess around like every other dog…

chien welsh corgi
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7. Pug 

Pugs really have an adorable face that can make your heart melt with their little wrinkles, squished muzzle and their bulging eyes.  In fact this dog breed has been particularly sought after in recent years.  Although pugs need to be exercised daily they are not particularly energetic and love to take naps on the sofa, if possible beside their owner who they love the most in the world!

chien carlin
Credits : Pxhere

8. Russkiy Toy

The Russkiy Toy is a really tiny dog as it only weighs between 1 and 3 kilos.  Never aggressive, it is particularly sociable and is the best friend to children and elderly.  It knows how to adapt to every situation being able to be both playful and calmVery energetic, this dog likes to learn but it can also be a little stubborn.

chien russkiy toy petit chien russe
Credits : mon_elevage/Pixabay

9. Petit Brabançon

Petit Brabançon which are a type of Griffon Bruxellois, have a squished muzzle and a cartoon character face just like pugs.  With a joyful temperament, this dog likes to fool around but can still be quite temperamental.  This type of dog also has a reputation for being slightly whimsical. It is an animal that doesn’t like to be alone and can sometimes be a bit fool-hardy.

chien petit brabançon
Credits : AnjaOs/Pixabay

10. Cockapoo

Cockapoo is particularly appealing breed of dog which is a cross between a Poodle and a Cocker Spaniel.  It has become a very popular dog in recent years.  It’s frizzy coat and kind face makes you want to go and give it the biggest hug!  Very affectionate and playful, it loves spending time with it’s owner.  Quite a needy dog, it doesn’t like spending time on it’s own.

chien cockapoo
Credits : Ray Larabie/Fickr

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