How do you calculate your dog or cat’s human age?

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Everyone will have already wondered what age their pet is in human terms. However here is the real method to know what age your dog or cat would be if they were human. 

If you think, like the majority of people,  you just need to multiply the age of your dog or cat by seven to calculate their age in human terms then you are mistaken!

This popular belief does not take into consideration the size or animal breed, which are important elements in calculating their age.  It also doesn’t consider the fact that our four-legged pets reach their sexual maturity before they are one year old which is not the case for seven year old humans…

Calculating the age of your cat

A cat’s life expectancy is quite long as they are often able to live until they are between 12 and 18 years old.  This all depends of course on their diet, their sex and numerous other factors. Did you know that the oldest cat in the world is currently 31 years old?

The first visible signs that allow you to detect the start of an aging cat happen when they are around 10 years old.  But what does that correspond to?  Have a look below to see for yourself:


Cat’s Age                                                            Equivalent human age

1 month                                                                       6 months

2 months                                                                     1 year

3 months                                                                     3 years

4 months                                                                     5 years

6 months                                                                    13 years

1 year                                                                         18 years

2 years                                                                        25 years

3 years                                                                        33 years

6 years                                                                       40 years

8 years                                                                       50 years

10 years                                                                     65 years

12 years                                                                     75 years

14 years                                                                     80 years

16 years                                                                     90 years

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Calculating the age of your dog

Dogs have a shorter life expectancy than cats and live to between 8 and 15 years old.  The current record for the oldest dog is held by Bouvier who died at the incredible age of 29 years old that is the human equivalent of 200 years old.

Smaller dogs live longer than older dogs.  When older dogs reach 7 years old you can see they are starting to reach old age while smaller dogs generally start to hit their later years from the age of 10.  Dogs that weigh less than 15 g also reach a certain level of maturity faster which allows them to grow up quicker than there larger contemporaries despite living longer. Have a look for yourself:

Dog’s Age                                                Equivalent Human Age

                                    Dog – 15 kg             Dog 15 to 40 kg                Dog + 40 kg  

1 year                             20 years                      18 years                           16 years

2 years                          28 years                       27 years                            22 years

3 years                          32 years                       33 years                            31 years

4 years                          36 years                       39 years                            40 years

5 years                          40 years                        45 years                            49 years

8 years                          52 years                        63 years                            76 years

10 years                         60 years                        75 years                            96 years

12 years                         68 years                        85 years                            112 years

13 years                         72 years                        90 years                            120 years

15 years                         80 years                        102 years                                     –

20 years                         110 years                                  –                                          –

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