Hilarious animals reactions to new experiences

Do you remember the first time you saw snow? Or the first time you held a puppy or a kitten in your arms? Your first day at school, or your first visit to the dentist? Often our first experiences of something new are moments that we will never forget.

And animals are no different! Just like your first time on a plane, your cat might remember their first encounter with a vacuum cleaner for the rest of her life (she may even still be traumatised!). In the same way as you remember your first kiss, your dog remembers his first time in the snow. We could go on…. Here we have compiled a list of the funniest photos of animals reacting to new experiences:

The first time this dog encountered an army of kittens


Or this fella, when he saw kangaroos for the very first time

This cat, discovering snow for the first time

This outside dog, sleeping indoors for the first time in his life

This cat, seeing the new addition to the family

Or this white bear, who is tasting snow for the first time

Soren Koch

The first time this husky saw television

This adorable kitten is seeing the sun for the first time

It’s true that snow is surprising, when you first encounter it! 

This dog, who is only too happy to see his owner again, after his first ever operation

Meeting his little sister for the first time

In the snow again!

And this little moggie, watching the first snowflakes falling outside the window

And have we mentioned black ice??

This black bear having his first climbing lesson

And finally this German shepherd, surprised by seeing his own shadow for the first time