25 great reasons to get a dog

6 month old cocker spaniel female pup fast asleep in her comfy dog bed.

If a dog is man’s best friend, then it’s not for one good reason, but for 25 of them, if not more! 

However, we have to remember that welcoming a little doggie into our homes has also a few disadvantages: having to walk them, being mindful where you leave your shoes, cleaning up poop…. But the inconveniences are nothing in comparison to the many advantages of having a dog at home.

1/ A dog forces you to get out regularly for a breath of fresh air.

2/ A dog even motivates you to go out and exercise, in order to walk it. 

3/ A dog keeps you company if you are alone.

4/ Children who grow up with a dog have fewer allergies.

5/ And they are also less susceptible to developing eczema.

6/ People who have dogs recover more quickly after an illness.

7/ Dogs can help to calm aggressive or hyperactive children.

8/ Dogs are very loyal animals.

9/ Dogs can understand their owners’ body language and facial expressions.

10/ Children in households that have dogs are off sick from school less often than other children. 

11/ Having a dog is a great way to meet new people (the love of your life could be waiting for you, walking their dog in the local park).

12/ Having a dog could be good training for parenthood in the future.

13/ Dogs can help overcome emotional trauma such as break ups or bereavements… 

14/ Dogs can scare off potential burglars.

15/ A dog gives so much love.

 16/ Dogs’ hearing is simply extraordinary.

17/ Children can learn responsibility by taking care of a dog.

18/ Dogs can have a therapeutic effect.

19/ If you have a farm, a dog knows how to assemble and protect the herds. 

20/ Dogs can teach us how to be ourselves, because dogs are always just themselves!

21/ A dog can teach you how to be patient and indulgent. 

22/ A dog can accompany you while doing sport (hiking, walking trails…)

23/ You will get more breaks from the kids, while they are busy playing with the dog.

24/ Dogs are very intelligent animals.

25/ You get used to the smell of dog poop, in spite of yourself!