20 great reasons to get a cat

reasons to get a cat
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A person who decides to get a cat shouldn’t have the same expectations as if they decided to get a dog. Felines won’t necessarily follow you wherever you go, but the main thing is that you are aware of the great reasons to welcome a cat into your home!

The war between dog-lovers and cat-lovers rages on, and is not about to end any time soon. We have to keep in mind that each species has its advantages and disadvantages. If you prefer cats, it is surely for the reasons we have listed here, and we know exactly how you feel!

1/ You don’t have to walk a cat.

2/ A cat doesn’t require too much taking care of, because they detest the water and they clean themselves.

3/ Cats do their business in a litter box or they go outside by themselves to do it, like big boys and girls!

4/ A cat can be left alone at home for a full day without having to worry about it.

5/ Having a cat has almost the same benefits as being in a relationship!

6/ Having a cat limits the risk of allergies.

7/ Cats’ life expectancy is longer than that of most other domestic animals.

8/ Cats are protective beings.

9/ Cats love to sleep, especially beside their owners.

10/ You may get a break from the kids, given that they will be entertaining themselves playing with the cat.

11/ You don’t need a lot of space in order to have a cat.

12/ Cats can keep mice and rats at bay.

13/ Cats are independent animals.

14/ It is cheaper to have a cat than to have a dog.

15/ Cats are very clean animals.

16/ A cat’s purr is good for your health!

17/ A cat knows how to adapt to its surroundings and can dwell happily in most types of living arrangements.

18/ Having a cat can help your children learn about responsibility. 

19/ Having a cat can be a great stress-reliever.

20/ Cats are curious animals.

And not forgetting that they do hilarious things!